Monday, March 23, 2009

Fondue platter 1970s

Fondue platter
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Feeling a little guilty about my stuff is an underlying theme in this blog, but this particular piece makes me feel more so.

You see, my Mom bought this beautiful piece in the 70s (made in Los Angeles) and she never used it. She stored it for decades in her cluttered closet and then it moved to my cluttered cupboard and when I couldn't stand the clutter anymore, I sold it on eBay.

I feel guilty because this piece is so unique and I think my Mom would have liked to have seen me put it in use. But this set is just not that practical and in fact, I haven't served fondue at a dinner party in several years.

I think part of the guilt is because it has a tiny bit of sentimental value. It's a piece that epitomizes my mother's wonderful taste and eye for the unique and interesting. But then I have to remind myself... it's just stuff. And at least I still have the photo and blogging about it is like putting it in a digital memory book. :-)


  1. Hi Gretchen, I've just crossed over from Flickr following your profile and link (I'm the new guy on the block - eyeseenicee, with the Pyrex stuff)
    I share your delema when it comes to parting with stuff. I got rid of 100 transistor radios way back, now wish I had them still!
    But I have been offloading very slowly, some of my plastics (I've started a plastics photostream on Flickr - see 'midcenturydesign' - including a three typewriters, vintage computers and clocks. But I still go collecting stuff. Just last sunday I bought a 70's radio/alarm/tv and a clock. Weve moved house 6 times since I started collecting and recently to smaller houses. I just don't have the room for it all. And, yes, you can still enjoy your stuff on flickr, though I'll have to get a 'pro'account.

  2. This is really cool... I agree with you though. You need to love thing AND use them or pass them on to someone who will love and adore them....

    fabulous items deserve to be adored