Wednesday, March 4, 2009

How it started

This is the piece that started the vintage Pyrex obsession... the 4-quart casserole, pattern called Butterfly Gold, that was sitting in the cupboards in my parents' garage.

I was helping my Mom clean out and came across 3 of these puppies in different patterns... mint, with lids. My Mom was apparently saving them for me and my 2 sisters so I ended up with this pattern. She bought them ~30 years prior and just never used them.

I remembered as a kid we used various Pyrex and Corelle dishes and found those hidden in boxes in the garage and took them home. From that point I started a little obsession of collecting a few more pieces and a year later, I ended up with more than 50 pieces - yikes! All this crap I don't have room to store and there's no way I could use every single piece. So now I'm on a mission to use them all to justify the collection. What I don't end up using will have to be gifted, sold or donated... it's really silly to have crap that just sits in boxes in the garage.

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