Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pyrex shelf

Pyrex shelf 2 of 2
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OK, this is embarrassing... that I would share a photo to the world, of a shelf in my cupboard that shows my ridiculous collection of vintage Pyrex, neatly stacked and color coordinated (sort of). Oh and also some vintage Corning Ware.

NO, I don't have a collecting disease (or maybe I do but I'm just in denial)... it's just that these colors and patterns are so pretty and happy and they were produced in the 50s, 60s and 70s. Isn't it cool that they made these kitchen wares with fun designs way back then?

YES, I do use some of them, but to be honest, it's kind of hard to use all of them.

So what do I do? Should I just keep the ones I'm using and get rid of the rest? What to do... with all my crap.


  1. Oh, you're so brave! :-)

    You know I love some vintage crap, too ... but sadly, items can lose their charm when you don't have space to display/use them properly. I find that things I loved a few years ago, but had to put in storage, sometimes become less interesting over time.

    I hadn't seen much in the vintage ceramic pool from you lately, so I peeked over at your profile (which is how I ended up here, of course) ... but anyway ... what you said about collecting, and enjoying the Flickr images, is true for me as well! It reminded me of a post I read sometime ago:

    Good luck! It's so hard to say goodbye ... to our vintage crap ... :-D

  2. Thank-you for your comment on my flickr. I collect a bit of pyrex too and will have to post photos. With four children and a lot of cooking, I do use them. I can see that I could get to the point of having too much or colours/patterns that are not my favourites. I think if you posted on the pyrex love flickr pool, you could offer to swap for something you really want or need. It is difficult to let go of things with use and charm especially as there is a (somewhat) limited supply and they can break.